Hughes Performance Continues Support

For Immediate Release:

Hughes Performance Continues To Support
The Pacific Street Car Association And It's Racers

The Pacific Street Car Association and Hughes Performance today announced Hughes Performance 2011 involvement with the PSCA. Hughes will be the Class Title Sponsor of PSCA's quickest and fastest class "Pro Street", Event Title Sponsor of the "Hughes Performance California Nationals" held May 20th - 22nd at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, CA., a major contributing Contingency Sponsor on Transmissions & Torque Converters and Class Title Sponsor of the "Pro Street" class at the prestigious 2011 Super Car Street Nationals VII (Nov 17-20, 2011), which will be held at the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

"The Pacific Street Car Association has become THE SERIES in West Coast Racing," said Tony Kane, MotorSports Director of Hughes Performance. "The PSCA, with all their variety of cars and classes gives us the ability to reach new customers as well as continuing to test and develop our products as new performance technology continues to enter the sport of drag racing"

What's New From Hughes Performance......

Hughes Performance is proud to announce the introduction of the XP5 lock-up Powerglide transmission and torque converter package. The XP5 is the newest generation and most innovative Powerglide racing transmission currently available throughout the entire aftermarket. This uniquely engineered Powerglide features custom hydraulic lock-up circuitry and a specially designed lock-up torque converter, all of which is activated by a 12-volt solenoid located inside of the transmission for fully integrated and seamless operation. Racers can now have the best of both worlds... the torque multiplying advantages of a torque converter with the efficiency of a clutch, and all in the lighter weight lower drag Powerglide format. With a horsepower compatibility rating exceeding 3,000 horsepower, the XP5 is the strongest Powerglide racing transmission available anywhere. This transmission is based on our proven Pro Mod-design XP4 transmission, which was responsible for putting the power down to the tires in the first ever 3-second nitrous Pro Mod car, and is currently in use by multiple Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, ADRL Pro Nitrous, and Outlaw 10.5 teams. The XP5 is suitable and recommended for use in any extreme duty application looking for a significant performance advantage over conventional Powerglide designs, converter drive units, or clutch-equipped units.
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New XP5 Powerglide and lock-up torque converter package