Outlaw Street Driver - Scot Slotten

Name: Scot Slotten  

Nickname: Dynoman

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Birth Date: 06-09-67

Occupation: Owner Dyno-Flo Racing Engines 

Family: My son Connor

Sponsors: Dynoflo.com &  Dyno-Flo Racing Engines, also a hand from Dart Machinery [heads and block], Moroso [pan, pump, spark plug wires, and accessories], Comp Cams [cam and lifters], CFE [heads and intake], Barry Grant [carburetors and fuel system], Callies [custom 4340 crankshaft], GRP [custom billet alum rods]. Brodix [Heads and block] and TRE [sheet metal intake]

Crew Members:   Nathan, Connor, Julie, Reyes 

Racing History (series or street):   Have raced on the track since 1990 have raced and supported PSCA since 2001 

Class: Outlaw Street

Car: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

Future plans for car and or race team: Run the season for the championship

Biggest racing rival: Napoleon, and Jeff Simpson [he's a pooch] Just razzin you buddy, see you in the pits

Wins:  none, not as if that means anything right now, just this season, just this class